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A monthly film screening followed by discussion

The Lexi Cinema, 194b Chamberlayne Road London NW10 3JU.

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Buses 6, 52, 187, 302; Kensal Rise Overground station.

On a Wednesday each month at 1.30 pm.

Wednesday 25 March 2020

Roll up those ringlets, tighten those stays, and hone those razor-sharp retorts - it’s Jane Austen time.
In a brand new adaptation of Emma, the “handsome, clever and rich” romantic meddler, is played by Anya Taylor-Joy - can’t say as I have come across her myself... but she’s apparently very good in it. There are other “castly” delights that should appeal, namely Bill Nighy as her father Mr Woodhouse, the Regency clothes perfectly encasing his pipe-cleaner physique, and Miranda Hart as annoying Miss Bates who gets treated unforgivably badly by Emma.
It is directed by a woman who exults in the gloriously hippy dippy name of Autumn de Wilde (first feature film), scripted by Eleanor Catton who is a Man Booker prizewinner, while the sister of the golden Phoebe Waller-Bridge (writer of the new Bond movie) composes the score, and well, .... there is of talent gone into it.
Social satire, romantic comedy, acerbic observations are why Austen never goes out of print or fashion.
And, if that’s not enough to tempt you, there’s a Colin Firth moment (remember the tv adaptation of Pride and Prejudice?) so, something for everyone!
A bit of diversion in these bleak times
More about Emma at the the Lexi website.
Tickets as usual £5.

If you know anyone who isn't on this electronic letter service, can you pass this news on?
Hope to see you all there.
Frances Lass

PS. It’s Corona time! (Beer advert jingle). I find it very difficult to be silent but i will take a zen breath and zip it. By the 25th March comes round, you will make your own mind whether Bojo’s policy of herd immunity (that means the old and the vulnerable, ie most of us), is working. The Lexi have issued statements that they’re deep cleaning etc. I have to leave the final decision about attendance in your hands.

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