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AGM for Brent u3a

To enrol in any Brent u3a learning/interest group, you should become a member of Brent u3a. See the 'membership' link.

Annual General Meeting of the u3a in Brent was held:

4 pm, Friday 7 January 2022.
A Zoom meeting online.
We have had to miss out on our normal AGM which is always a very jolly event.
We have therefore arranged an agm on Zoom – the only way to meet up at the moment! Donald is going to host and you can join from 3.45. Thank you Donald!
NB normally Zoom meetings only last 40 minutes but Donald can go on longer with his system.
So make yourself a cup of tea, get out the chocolate biscuits and join us for a friendly get-together.
Agenda has been circulated by email.
With best wishes for the New Year.
AGENDA for 2022
1. Welcomes and Apologies
2. Minutes of AGM
3. Reports on 2020-21
- Interest/Learning Groups
- Membership
- Treasurer and outings
- Administration and publicity
Appointment of 2021-22 Committee.

Presentations at the 2019 AGM

2019 Brent Hub Community Enterprise Centre, 6 Hillside, Stonebridge NW10 8BN*
Thank you Celia for arrangements in 2019.
- Reports on 2018-2019.
- Election of Committee of 8 for 2019-2020.
- Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and Outings, Membership, Publicity, other Committee Members.
- Nominations proposed and seconded in writing with the agreement of the nominees in advance to Cathy by email.
- Ideas for 2019-2020.
- Speaker to give a short talk.
- Grand Buffet Tea.
*We could take bus route 18 to Shakespeare Road bus stop. Routes 206, 224 and 260 also pass nearby.

Celia and Donald at the 2018 AGM Cathy and sylvia at the 2018 AGM

Presentations at the 2018 AGM

At this year's AGM Sylvia and Donald have stood down from the Committee.

They were both thanked for their long service as Chair and Secretary of the u3a in Brent.

Photos, right, (© MB)

of Sylvia with Cathy;

and Donald with Celia

Before the 2018 AGM, our Chair wrote as follows:

Would you like to stand for the Brent u3a committee?

My second term as Chairman is coming to an end and I have decided to offer myself for a further year as I believe there is something I should try to tackle before handing over.
We are all getting on, and the Committee which has done such sterling work consists largely of those who have given their services for some time. We urgently need new blood, visions and ideas. Some existing members are standing down and so we need fresh faces. If you feel you can attend four meetings per year and help in the running of this organisation which offers so much to its local members, please stand to join the Committee.
Just email to ask for a nomination form or if you want a few more details!