University of the Third Age in Brent

Learn, laugh and live!

About Brent u3a

Brent u3a is a friendly social club for people who no longer work full time.

We’re a small and friendly group and being a member is a good way to get to know people and to enjoy activities together.

We’ve been around a while – Brent u3a was founded in 1994/5! Founder Members included Melvyn Leach, Rina Rosselson, and Celia and George Stern, some of whom are still members of Brent u3a.

The u3a is a national charity under the Third Age Trust made up of more than 1,000 branches, with a total membership of about 400,000.

Local leaders are unpaid volunteers and the Brent branch is completely self-financing. Most of our meetings take place in the homes of members. For our programmes and events, look at 'groups', 'news' and 'membership' on this website.

Once you have paid the Annual Subscription, you can join as many Groups as you like, usually at no extra charge*, provided there is room

* not films, lunches, yoga, holidays or outings.