University of the Third Age in Brent

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A typical week for Brent U3A

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Morning monthly German Conversation
10.30 am weekly Fluent French Conversation
10.00 am weekly Topical Discussion weekly
2.00 pm weekly Yoga for Seniors


10.15 am monthly Science
10.30 am weekly Watercolour Painting
12.45 pm monthly Dining – in various restaurants across Brent
2.30 pm monthly Desert Island Discs
2.30 pm fortnightly Religion and Spirituality


Time by arrangement weekly Ukulele Band
Time by arrangement fortnightly Animated Films
10.30 am weekly Clothes Making
10.30 am fortnightly Russian History
1.30 pm monthly Film at the Lexi
2.00 pm weekly Clothes Making


Afternoon monthly Book Group 1
Afternoon monthly Book Group 2


09.30 am monthly Walking
Morning fortnightly Intermediate French
Time by arrangement monthly Older People in Film

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