University of the Third Age in Brent

Learn, laugh and live!

Membership for Brent U3A

Our advert for Brent U3A :

- about Brent U3A and who to contact. Print out and hand to a friend.

Brent U3A leaflet (opens pdf file 201KB)

The annual Enrolment Letter and Membership Form :

- membership subscription is due at the start of the Autumn Term.

- new and renewing members please print the letter and complete the form.

- give your name, address and email, and enclose your payment.

Brent U3A membership letter and form (opens pdf file 85KB)

Our Prospectus :

- details about the groups and their contacts.

Brent U3A prospectus (opens pdf file 233KB)

The Annual Subscription is currently £20- [1]-[2]-[3]-[4]-[5]

- this covers all[1] interest and activity groups for a year and the national "Third Age Matters" mailed to your home.
[1] Films, lunches, yoga and outings usually cost extra
[2] New members joining after the Spring half term are charged 50% of the annual subscription = £10-
[3] Members who are unable to find a place in any group of their choice may claim a refund of subscription
[4] Paid up members of other U3A branches who attend Brent groups get a discount of 40% (i.e. £8- less) = £12-
[5] Carers attend groups with their charges free so long as there is space, but pay for films, and outings.

2018-2019 Terms and Dates

Autumn Term 2018: 24 September to 7 December 2017 (half-term: 22 to 29 October 2018)
Spring Term 2019: 8 January to 13 April 2019 (half-term: 11 to 18 February 2019)
Summer Term 2019: 29 April to 29 June 2019 (half-term: 28 May to 3 June 2019)
(Not all groups take half-term breaks).