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Wednesday 27 March 2019

The Favourite

Hi all,
On the back of last month’s success, I’m following up with another Oscar winner. The Favourite. Subtitled.
It won a bunch of awards, including a Best Actress for Olivia Colman, but to be fair, either of the other two leads were just as worthy.
Think of All About Eve in a crinoline. Bette Davis would have killed for these roles!
Ridiculous men and scheming women who have to use their wits to survive and thrive. You don’t like them, but you have to admire them.
As Queen Anne, Colman breathes life into a selfish, stupid, vacillating woman whose body is riddled with gout and wrecked by 17 pregnancies none of which produced a viable heir. The last of the Stuart dynasty was neither educated for the job nor suited to it by character.
Rachel Weisz is her best friend from childhood - her polar opposite - Sarah Churchill, a woman with fierce intelligence and acumen, but brutally honest to the point of cruelty. She handles the running of Anne’s household and by extension, the country. She has Whig sympathies.
(It’s the birth of the two party system.... the death of which we seem to be witnessing today).
Emily Stone is Abigail Hill, Sarah’s impoverished but ambitious cousin, who was sold by her father to settle a card game debt. Women’s lives turned on the whims of such men. Crucially, Abigail is also a distant relative of the leader of the Tories. Sarah invites her to court as a servant, but Abigail has bigger plans.
It’s the power play between these three women set against a bizarre, ridiculous, grotesque environment that is court life that gives the film its vigour.
It is utterly original and will, therefore, prove to be divisive, but it is actually a must-see. The fact that the Lexi are still showing it months after it’s first run is testament to its fascination.
I could go on. But I won’t.
Have I ever steered you wrong before? Ha!
More about The Favourite at the the Lexi website.
If you know anyone who isn't on this electronic letter service, can you pass this news on?
Hope to see you all there for this excellent film ....
Frances Lass

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