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A monthly film screening followed by discussion

The Lexi Cinema, 194b Chamberlayne Road London NW10 3JU.

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Buses 6, 52, 187, 302; Kensal Rise Overground station.

Wednesday 28 February 2018 at 1.30pm


Hi all,
Last month's Darkest Hour was very successful as the screening was sold out between us and the general public. Very good post-film discussion. Hopefully members will again stay to air their views and reactions...

This month, I'm going to challenge you a little more.

We are going to see a film that has been nominated for 13 different Oscar categories, including Best Film. It has won loads of gongs already but that doesn't mean diddly. Let's see what we think of it.
Imagine 'Romeo and Juliet' crossed with the 'Creature from the Black Lagoon', with a bit of 'Free Willy' ... (stop giggling at the back there)! A mute janitor (Sally Hawkins) who sweeps up at a top secret laboratory in Cold War America has her curiosity aroused when a water tank containing "something" arrives one day. What do the military want with whatever is in that tank and why. Director Guillermo del Toro is a master storyteller. He weaved a similar magical web slashed through with the shocking violence of fascism in 'Pan's Labyrinth'. While there is beauty, love and kindness, there is also violence and ugliness.

More at the the Lexi website.
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Frances Lass

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